Meet AB Moses Automobiles who is changing the Auto Spray business’ narratives.

Spurred by the desire to make a difference in the automobile spraying business, Moses Abuede, the founder/CEO of AB Moses Automobiles, an automobile spraying business located in Lagos, adopting various innovative managerial and technical expertise in service delivery. Moses, who started his vehicle spraying business in Lagos over a decade ago, has carved a name for himself after breaking into the market with his creativity and customer-satisfaction centred business model.

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Born in one of the interior parts of Edo State, Nigeria and growing in the famous Cotonou town in Togo where the art and skills of the business of auto spraying were learnt and mastered for more than 10 years, he then moved back to Nigeria to build a business empire alongside his friend Abel, with whom he shared his vision with, in a bid to create a name for himself in the market through top-notch auto spray services and also impact the same knowledge to the younger generation with the rudiments of the craft which is now one of the most sought after services in the automobile industry in Nigeria and globally.

While highlighting some of the major challenges faced in the business, Moses held that

  1. Despite the erratic weather condition or climate change (on which rainy days means no work and sunny days brings smooth workdays), which has posed a serious threat to the business,
  2. The security of properties ( vehicles and tools), and
  3. The exchange rate challenges which has stalled the economy where the United State dollars (US$) and the Euros exchange for the Nigerian naira on a non-equal range have had a huge impact, perhaps the negative side, on the sourcing for raw materials and tools which are imported from America, Europe and far east Asia.

These, coupled with the inflation rate in Nigeria which has over time seen a consistent and persistent rise in the price level from local dealers, the business has, however, grown into maintaining goodwill and positive relationship with dealers and international partners.

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Although, the competition level in the market is quite opened and high as there is the low entry and exit barriers, Moses never saw that as a setback to the vision of delivering top-notch services and delighting clients coupled with the watchword of AB Moses automobiles in being the best around.

Meanwhile, Moses is not left out in the on-going digital or technological trend for business growth as well as expanding into large scale productions as he is set to unleash in the nearest future, more of business perspicacity from his business blueprints.

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