Nene Agboifo is changing the micro startup landscape, driving AONECRAFTBUSINESSHUB Handcrafted fashion Accessories for kings and queens to profitability against all odds

For Nene, who developed an innate passion for handcrafted fashion accessories earlier in life, having a personal side business popularly known as a side hustle is the starting line for growing and achieving her dreams as a micro startup owner with a nine to five job in present-day Nigeria.

Despite the stewing business environment and the rising rate of unemployment in an economy not growing enough to accommodate the rising annual labour force, Nene Elizabeth Agboifo, an engineering graduate with honours from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), stood against the wind of idleness and odds to venture into the crafting and marketing of handcrafted fashion accessories.


In a chat with Blitz-ng, the beautiful Nene narrated her ordeal, as well as her foray into the business making handcrafted fashion accessories as her passion for the business, spurred her into entrepreneurial action. “Passion and the need to bridge the gap of scarcity for handcrafted fashion accessories in any material of your choice be it faux leather, genuine leather or African prints led me into this business.

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“While in school I knew I always wanted a side hustle that wasn’t common but obtainable, so I tried a lot of fields before I landed in handcrafting fashion accessories like bags, belts and wallets: where I got my 1-year full-time training with a renowned craftsman organisation here in Nigeria.

The lead creative at Aonecraftbusinesshub, a one-stop hub for everything fashion and handcrafted accessories, revealed that the journey into the business has been uneasy as a result of the curves and bends along the ruthless road of entrepreneurship. Regardless, perseverance comes with the vision that she is climbing to the top in spite of the trudge.

Sincerely, the journey hasn’t been easy but I do take a step than no step like my mum would say ROME WASNT BUILT IN A DAY.” AONECRAFTBUSINESSHUB founder told Blitz-ng.

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On material sourcing and key success factors in the business, the engineering graduate reiterated that her materials are sourced locally from local suppliers. However, the marketing of the product is a challenge but consistently placing the product in the eyes of prospects has always helped out easily. Her product line includes handcrafted fashion accessories like bags, belts and wallets made in faux or genuine leather or better still made with African print for both kings and queens.

Marketing handcrafted fashion accessories in Nigeria is serious work; I was able to make people know that it’s handcrafted in the specifications you want and assure them of the durability and thank God I got great feedbacks too”

“My typical customer is fashionable, focused, fun and a stunner. I operate on pay before production and I always give my clients value for their money including freebies, yes for every purchase they make. My products are of high-quality materials, super affordable, durable, valuable and worth every penny spent with freebies too. This has always been my major unique selling point in the business,” revealed Nene.

Aonecraftbusinesshub, or AONE for short, offers premium, economy and penetration price strategies that cater for both high-end and middle-class citizens.

Meanwhile, Nene is not left out with the moving trend in the industry as she envisages making AONE a household name for your go-to handcrafted fashion accessories, but taking a step at a time. Aonecraftbusinesshub got you covered at unbeatable prices for quality and durability, call or chat with us via WhatsApp on 2348052368289 you would be glad you did.

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