Roblox Mobile player expenses smack $103 million in May 2020

As one of the foremost popular mobile games worldwide, Roblox has witnessed a surge in revenue amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. Consistent with data gathered by SafeBettingSites, Roblox Mobile player spending hit $102.9 million in May, a 175% jump compared to an equivalent month in 2019.

Over $1.5 billion in Lifetime Revenue

In May 2019, Roblox Mobile players worldwide spent $37.5 million on the sport, revealed Statista and Sensor Tower data. Within the next three months, this figure rose to $50.9 million. Because of in-app purchases and microtransactions, the app generated $79.3 million profit in December 2019, the very best value within the last half of the year.

Roblox mobile player spendings

However, with many Roblox fans spending longer indoors and online amid coronavirus lockdown, the famous kid-friendly creation hit a replacement record in 2020. Statistics show that in January, Roblox Mobile player spending amounted to $65.2 million. After a small drop to $54.6 million in February, this figure jumped to $68.9 million in March.

The increasing trend continued within the next two months, with Roblox players spending nearly $103 million in May, a 55% increase since the start of the year. The Sensor Tower data also revealed the mobile version of the favoured game hit over $1.5 billion in lifetime revenue.

The US Leads in Roblox Player Spending

Statistics show that in June, Roblox mobile was the second top-grossing iPhone app worldwide, with $26.15 million in revenue. The kid-friendly creation platform also ranked because of the sixth hottest Android game last month, with $28.28 million profit in Google Play Store. Statistic data also revealed that Roblox was the foremost popular app among iPad users, who spent $30.34 million on the sport last month.

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Analyzed by geography, the U.S. represents the leading country with quite $1bn in lifetime player spending in May. Statistics show that Roblox Mobile was the top-grossing App Store app within the  U.S last month, with $21.9 million profit generated from iPhone users. Android users spent $16.69 million on the favoured game in June, ranking it because of the third top-grossing Google Play Store app within the US.


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